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Mini Dresses joins Joy Void, S/T LP out 9/15

Joy Void is excited to announce their latest signing, Boston's Mini Dresses. The label will release their debut self-titled LP on September 15, 2017. Tiny Mix Tapes is sharing a new song titled "Fantasy Nails" from the upcoming album, saying "“Fantasy Nails” is summer-sweet and honest, pure and full of heart, like promises made and kept.". Mini Dresses is currently available for pre-order from Joy Void along with a tape of their previously released EPs and singles, which is shipping now.

Horse Jumper of Love - S/T LP out 4/21 on Joy Void

HJOL are a band from Allston, Massachusetts who last year, released their self-titled debut album on Disposable America, a prominent label from the same area. Joy Void will be teaming up with Disposable America to release the band's stunning debut album on LP/CS and digital April 21st.

The vinyl version will be available on Bone (Joy Void) , Red (Disposable America) and Black vinyl, and come packaged in high quality reverse board jackets, and feature an unreleased bonus track "Orange Peeler".

Pre-order now