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Infinity Crush - Warmth Equation pre-orders, stream first single now

Posted: 7/21/2016
We're releasing Infinity Crush's amazing new album 'Warmth Equation' on Sept 30! Check out the first track 'Heaven' via Stereogum.

Stream: Katie Dey first two singles, 'Flood Network' pre-orders

Posted: 7/19/2016
Katie Dey's extraordinary debut LP "Flood Network" comes out 8/12. You can currently stream "Only to Trip and Fall Down Again" on The Le Sigh, which includes a great writeup and interview. 'Flood Network' pre-orders are available now.

Cat Be Damned - Daydreams in a Roach Motel

Posted: 5/3/2016
We are happy to welcome Cat Be Damned to Joy Void. His new release, "Daydreams In a Roach Motel" is an 8 track cassette, and the first song "Soft Collision" can be heard at Stereogum now.